Day 1 Lectures

Saturday, 7th October 2017

Dr Wong Li Beng, 12pm

"Guided Biofilm Therapy"

The objective of successful prophylaxis is to achieve and maintain an apathogenic oral microbial environment through long term oral hygiene measures both by the patient as well as by the dental professional.

Modern air-polishing devices are becoming increasingly significant in the context of maintenance therapy. It is important that dentists and oral health therapists are kept abreast of the latest technological advancement in an evidence-based approach.

This lecture will amalgamate the treatment philosophy and the science behind air polishing and introduce the concept of Guided Biofilm Therapy, a prophylactic, selective, individualised systematic treatment which can be applied to our everyday practice.

Ms Seow Yi Ling, 2:30pm

"The OHT – ‘Ninja’ of the Orthodontic Office"

The ninja is well-known for her skills in martial arts, shape-shifting and use of weaponry. At each stage of the ‘orthodontic mission’, the ‘ninja’ displays her strengths with mastery and stealth. As such, the Oral Health Therapist (OHT) is a key team player of the orthodontic team to make the ‘mission’ successful. This lecture aims to share cases on how the OHT’s role changes with each stage of managing the orthodontic patient.