Day 2 Lectures

Sunday, 8th October 2017


Dr Marlene Teo, 2:30pm

"Aesthetics in Periodontology"

In Periodontology, our main aim is to eliminate periodontal disease and help patients maintain their teeth. Unfortunately, patients with periodontitis often end up with a lot of recession and increased interdental spaces after periodontal treatment options like scaling and root planing. This can wreak havoc on the way they look. Are we able to predict which patients are at highest risk of gum recession and loss of papilla? And when this happens, are we able to grow the bone and soft tissues back predictably to reconstruct the lost dento-alveolar complex? This lecture aims to answer some of these questions and give various aesthetic treatment options after periodontitis is treated to enhance the patient’s smile.

Dr Tan Wee kiat, 3:30pm

"Primary Teeth That Go Under"

Infraoccluded or "submerged" primary teeth have a prevalence of 1.3% to 8.9% in children.
Many such teeth are missed by the unsuspecting clinician, or are only caught in the late stages, by which time, ameliorating the damaging effects to the occlusion becomes difficult.  General dentists and Oral Health Therapists who see children are in a unique situation to diagnose infraocclusion. This lecture teaches the clinician how to look out for the red flags and raises their index of suspicion so that timely investigations and referral can be made.